Loans with No Credit Check

quick-no-credit-check-loansWhen you have a bad credit rating, it can be very hard to gain access to additional funds using normal borrowing channels. Banks and other finance companies will most usually decline a loan application from a person with a poor credit rating. Or they may ask that somebody stands as a guarantor for the finance agreement, or that some form of collateral is used to secure the loan.

At CreditPoor they have a slightly different approach. We can offer a loan that does not use a credit check to discern whether the applicant is credit worthy. This makes it perfect for people with a bad credit history.

Perfect for People with a Bad Credit History

If you have been denied finance in the past due to problems with your credit score, then this could be the perfect loan product for you.

As we don’t undertake a credit check, a bad credit rating won’t affect the outcome of the application. Also, every time you apply for a loan and are turned down due to a poor credit history, it actually damages your credit rating. Our no credit check loans will never have this effect.

Is there a Downside with No Credit Check Loans?

Lenders are carrying a much higher risk by providing funds to applicants without performing a credit check. Therefore, interest rates are higher than a traditional loan. Also, the amount you can borrow will be less than a traditional loan. These are the only two downsides to taking out a no credit check loan.

Quickly Gain Access to Money You Need

The great thing about our no credit check loan product is that we can give you a decision very quickly. We check a few key details that you need to provide us. We might also ask for some documents to prove the facts of your application. Once that is done, if you qualify for a loan you will receive the funds. In many cases, this entire process can take less than a single working day.

A Very Simple Application Process

The loan application process we have developed is designed to be as simple and streamlines as possible. Starting with the online loan application form on this site, you can begin applying for a no credit check loan.

We will then take a look at your application, and decide whether you need to provide any supporting documents as proof. If you do, once we have them and have verified them, we will provide you with the funds you asked for. Simple, efficient and fast.

No Credit Check Loans you can Trust

We are a reputable, registered loan broker. We comply completely with all legislation defined by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means we are a finance firm you can trust. We won’t try to get you to take out unsuitable loans, and we will always keep all dealings entirely secure, and your private information will always be safe. We are here to help you gain access to the funds you need when you need them, in a truly ethical way.